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Test C2010-659: Fundamentals of Applying IBM SmartCloud Control Desk V1

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Classroom Course

Course title: IBM SmartCloud Control Desk 7.5 IT Asset Management Fundamentals-New

Course duration: 3.0 Days

Course number: TP380

Abstract: This course introduces the fundamental concepts of managing the lifecycle of IT assets using IBM SmartCloud Control Desk. Managing the lifecycle of your IT assets helps you control costs and optimize IT asset utilization. You learn how to track and manage physical assets from procurement to disposal. You also learn how to manage software licenses to mitigate license and regulatory compliance risks. This 3-day hands-on course includes lectures, discussions, demonstrations, and a wide variety of exercises.
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Publication number: SG24-8132-00

The Migration Manager enables you to migrate configuration content from one production environment to another. The typical use is to migrate configuration content from a development environment to a test environment and then on to production for the Tivoli® process automation engine and its applications, such as IBM SmartCloud Control Desk. The goal of migration is to ensure that your production environment fully meets the needs of your users.
This IBM® Redbooks® publication is an update of the existing book Migration Use Cases with the Migration Manager, SG24-7906 and covers the most common migration use cases with the Migration Manager, including the capabilities introduced with Tivoli process automation engine V7.5. Of course, these use cases are only a small subset of the possible migration scenarios that can be performed by the Migration Manager, but they were chosen to be representative of the capabilities of the Migration Manager.
In addition to these use cases, the book presents a migration strategy and a comprehensive chapter about troubleshooting possible migration problems when using the Migration Manager. We strongly suggest that you read Chapter 1, "Migration strategy" first before reading the other chapters. This chapter will give you a good foundation for all of the migration scenarios covered in the book.
This book will be a reference for IT Specialists and IT Architects working on migrating configuration content from one production environment to another using the Migration Manager.

Self-Paced Virtual Classroom

This course introduces you to the fundamental concepts of managing IT assets, service requests, and changes in your IT environment using IBM SmartCloud Control Desk. You learn how managing these processes with a unified solution provides significant advantages to your organization. Through instructor-led discussion, demonstrations, and hands-on labs, you learn how to plan a deployment, perform basic configuration, and navigate IBM SmartCloud Control Desk.


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