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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below are some common questions about the Professional Certification Program.


Q: What is the purpose of the Professional Certification Program?

A: The IBM Professional Certification Program offers a business solution for skilled IT professionals seeking to demonstrate their expertise. It is designed to validate an individual's skills and demonstrate an individual's proficiency in the latest IBM technology and solutions. It helps to make certain that an individual has the capability to perform role-related tasks and activities at a specified level of competence. The program is beneficial for individuals who wish to validate their skills, as well as for companies that wish to ensure certain performance levels for their employees.

Q: Who is the target audience for IBM certification?

A: IBM Professional Certifications are associated with an individual, not a company or organization. The target audience for certification includes employees of Business Partner Firms, Customers, IBM internal employees, and Independent Consultants who sell, support, or service IBM products.

Becoming certified

Q: How are the tests developed?

A: The process for developing IBM certification exams ensures that the most important role-related knowledge and skills are tested. The process is facilitated by professionals who specialize in test development and measurement. Subject matter experts experienced in the role are involved throughout the process. The steps of test development include:

  • Defining the role to be certified,
  • Identifying the specific content to be covered,
  • Developing test questions that map to important job tasks and activities associated with the role,
  • Assembling examination forms that cover the defined role,
  • Setting passing scores that ensure the proper level of performance.

Q: How do I become an IBM Certified Professional?

A: A check list is provided to guide you through the certification process.

Q: How do I determine the location of testing centers and the registration process?

A: For information on test centers and registration, please visit the Web site for each test vendor where IBM tests are offered:

Q: Where can I find general information regarding certification requirements or test information?

A: A description of each certification, and its requirements, is provided by product. Test information about each individual tests is also available and listed by test number.

Q: How often may I take a test?

A: If a certification exam is not completed successfully on the first attempt, there is no waiting requirement before taking the test a second time. However, on subsequent attempts, candidates will not be permitted to take the same test more than twice within a 30-day period.

Upon successful completion of the exam, the candidate may not take the test again unless there has been an announced update to the exam.

Q: What is the price to take a certification test?

A: Exam prices vary, depending on the exam. The testing center can provide you with the current price.

Q: How many questions are on the test?

A: The number of questions vary depending on which test you may take. The Test information page provides the number of questions and duration of each exam.

Q: How do I determine the recommended courses, and how to prepare for an exam?

A: To assist you in test preparation, test objectives, sample or assessment tests, and recommended training resources are provided on the Test information page.

The Member Site

Q: Is there a Web site where my "personal" information can be viewed?

A: A candidate's certification and demographic data is confidential. There is no "public" site for such a listing. Please contact the Professional Certification Customer Support Helpdesk at should you require further assistance.

Q: How do I update/change my demographic information (e.g. address, phone number, etc.)?

A: View the Update Profile page.

Q: What should I do to receive my certificate?

A: Upon completion of the certification requirements, you will be sent an e-mail regarding the IBM Certification Agreement. Upon acceptance of the terms, your certificate will be emailed to you in PDF format.

Q: How quickly should I expect to receive my certificate?

A: Please allow 4 - 5 business days to receive your certificate by e-mail.

Q: How can I obtain a hardcopy verison of my certificate?

A: You may be interested in ordering a premium certificate from our IBM Certification estore. Each premium hardcopy certificate displays your name and certification title, demonstrating your status as an IBM Certified Professional.

Q: How do I receive the 'IBM Certified' mark (logo) in electronic form?

A: An electronic form of the 'IBM Certified' mark is included in the email containing your certificate. If you have not been able to receive a certificate via email, and you still lack the electronic format of your 'IBM Certified' mark, you can request it from the IBM Professional Certification Support Helpdesk at Please provide your candidate testing ID to aid us in correctly identifying you in our system.

Q: If I take a test that for a certificate that I already have been awarded, will I get another Certificate?

A: The first certificate continues to be valid. Once a certificate is awarded you can print the pdf with the original date.


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