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Accessing IBM Mastery tests via Prometric online system

The following instructions guide you through registration and finding IBM mastery and assessment tests on the Prometric online system, sometimes known as Prime.

  1. Link to the Prime web site (link resides outside of ibm.com)

  2. If you have previously created an account to take a certification test at an IBM conference, or an on-line assessment or mastery test, click on 'Secure Sign-In', and enter your username and password. Continue with Step #8.

  3. If you are a first-time user, click on 'First Time Registration'.

  4. If you already have a Prometric ID number (also known as as "Candidate/Testing ID"), enter it into "Step 1. Prometric Testing ID". If you do not have a Prometric ID leave this field blank, and Prime will generate one for you.
    • Do not specify an ID that was not assigned to you personally from a testing system. Do not make up a Prometric ID.

  5. Select the appropriate domain* from the dropdown box under the Select a Test Provider or Program section and click "Continue".
    • You may register in any IBM domain. When you are ready to take a test, you are presented with a selection of all available domains with non-proctored mastery or assessment tests.

  6. Click "I Agree" for the "Privacy Notice for Prometric Users"

  7. Complete the "First Time Registration" form, specifying your demographic information. Write down your Username, Password, and Prometric Testing ID for future reference. When completed, click "Submit."
    • The username and password you specify is what you will use every time you login to take a test via Prime, or view your history. This field is not the same as your "Prometric Testing ID".
    • Your password must follow these rules, so it is good to prepare in a notepad and copy to the on-line form:
      Must be at least 8 character(s) long.
      Must have at least 1 alpha character(s).
      Must have at least 1 number(s).
    • In the last section ("Other Information"), do not fill in: Student #, Birth Date, SSN/Government ID

  8. From the Candidate menu, click on 'Take Test'.

*Note: IBM non-proctored test domains on Prometric online
Cognos Assessment
IBM Cloud Computing Assessment
IBM Industry Solutions Mastery Tests
IBM Information Management Assessment Tests
IBM SPSS Assessments
Information Management Customer Support Assessment
Lotus and WebSphere Portal Assessments
PartnerWorld for Software Sales Mastery Tests
PL/I Assessments
Rational Assessment/Sample Tests
Retail Store Solutions - Mastery Tests
Systems & Storage Assessment Tests
Systems & Storage Mastery Tests
Technical Sales Mastery Exams
Tivoli Certification Assessments
Tivoli Customer Support Assessments
Tivoli Support Provider Assessments
WebSphere/SOA/XML Assessment Tests

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