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Certification check list

  1. Select the certification you would like to pursue. We suggest starting with Certifications by product, selecting the product area you are interested in, and then selecting the specific certification you would like to achieve. If you are unsure, click on each certification title, and read the descriptions on the resultant pages.
  2. Determine which test(s) are required by reading the certification role description.
  3. Prepare for the test, using the following resources:
    Note: These resources are available from each certification description page, as well as from the Test information page.

    Note: The assessment test is delivered online at Pearson VUE. The assessment test has no retake restrictions.

    Like the actual test, an assessment test:

  4. Register to take a test, by contacting our worldwide:

    IBM at Pearson VUE

    Note: When providing your name and address to the testing vendor, be sure to specify your name exactly as you would like it to appear on your certificate.
  5. Take the test. Be sure to keep the Examination Score Report provided upon test completion, as your record of taking the test.

    Note: After a test has been taken, your test results and demographic data (including name, address, e-mail, phone number, etc.) are sent from the testing vendor to IBM for processing (please allow up to five business days for transmittal and processing).
  6. Repeat steps three through five until all required tests are successfully completed for the desired certification role. If additional requirements are needed (such as an "other vendor" certification or exam), please follow the instructions on the certification description page to submit these requirements to IBM.

    IBM Test Retake Policy - applicable to all IBM tests except Assessment tests.
    If a certification exam is not completed successfully on the first attempt, there is no waiting requirement before taking the test a second time. However, on subsequent attempts, candidates will not be permitted to take the same test more than twice within a 30-day period.

    Upon successful completion of the exam, the candidate may not take the test again unless there has been an announced update to the exam.
  7. Once you have completed your certification requirements, your certification will be awarded and a certificate will be issued.

Obtaining your certificate

Once your certification is awarded, your certificate will be sent to you via e-mail (or you will be sent instructions on how to retrieve the certificate from the Certification Member Site, if this is the first certification for this candidate/testing ID).

Please ensure that we have your current e-mail address on file by keeping your profile up to date. You can manage this yourself by selecting "Address Information" from within the Certification Member Site.

You may be interested in ordering a premium certificate from our IBM Certification estore. Each premium hardcopy certificate is accompanied by a new wallet card which displays your name and certification title, demonstrating your status as an IBM Certified Professional.

Note: For information about the function provided by the Certification Member Site, as well as instructions on how to register, please review About the Member Site.

Obtaining your certification marks

After you have achieved your first certification, you are invited to register on the IBM Certification Member Site. The IBM Member Site provides "Entitled Resources" which include your ability to download certification marks associated with your certifications.


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