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Reporting Your IBM Skill

When you pass an IBM certification or mastery test, your skills achievement may count towards your company's PartnerWorld membership level. And the higher the membership level, the more benefits your company will earn. Your skills can also qualify your company to participate in the Software Value Incentive (SVI) and earn fees from IBM for identifying and closing sales.

How can you report your skills?

Visit the PartnerWorld website at, click on Go to member resources, sign in with your PartnerWorld id & password

  • On the left navigator, under your name, click on "Update my profile"
  • Now click on "Update your personal profile"
  • Have your Candidate Testing ID available to add to your profile


Contact your company's Authorized IBM Profile Administrator (APA)

  • Have your Candidate Testing ID available to add to your profile
  • Ask your APA to update the company profile

*Note: Your company's Authorized Profile Administrator APA may need to allow you to update your personal information.

Where can I find my Candidate Testing ID?
  • Look for this number on your exam score report as Candidate ID
  • Look for this number in your congratulations email from IBM as Candidate ID

How can I find my company's APA?
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