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IBM Certified Specialist - Case Foundation V5.2

November 12, 2013

IBM is pleased to announce the addition of the following job-role certification to the Professional Certification Program from IBM: IBM Certified Specialist - Case Foundation V5.2.

By achieving this certification, intermediate level deployment professionals have validated their knowledge and skills, and can demonstrate their technical competence to others.

To attain this certification credential, candidates must pass 1 test:
Test C2070-982, IBM Case Foundation V5.2, Specialist

Job Role Description / Target Audience

This intermediate level certification is intended for administrators, database administrators, workflow developers, application developers, application administrators and technical personnel who perform the installation, upgrade, configuration, workflow implementation, and workflow maintenance tasks associated with ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of the IBM Case Foundation environment.

This Includes:

  • product installation, upgrade and configuration
  • configuration of security
  • maintenance and monitoring
  • workflow design
  • application development
  • troubleshooting
  • performance and tuning

The person performing these functions is generally self-sufficient and is able to perform most of the tasks involved in the role with limited assistance from peers or support services.

Test sections

Test C2070-982 is designed to measure skills in the areas of:

Order  Area  Percentage 
1. Planning and Architecture 13%
2. Installation, Upgrade and Configuration 23%
3. Administration 12%
4. Designing, Deploying and Testing Workflows and Applications 15%
5. Extending the IBM Case Foundation Configuration 11%
6. Troubleshooting 11%
7. Performance and Tuning 15%

General information

The test fee is $200 USD each in developed countries and $100 USD each in emerging market countries. The test delivery vendor can verify the specific test fee within each country.

Test C2070-982 is also available to IBM employees at a reduced rate via the IBM SWG Online Test Centers.

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