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Certifications: IBM WebSphere, IBM SOA, IBM PureApplication, IBM CICS Transactions and IBM Digital Experience
2015 Test Fees

The 2015 certification test fees are the same as they were in 2014. Specifically, they are as follows.

Certification Tests
Effective January 2015, the regular test fees are as follows (shown in USA dollars):
$200 per attempt in developed countries
$100 per attempt in emerging countries

The test fees are set to the economy of a country and by country type, developed or emerging, as identified by the World Bank. For the applicable test fee within your country, please click here.

In 2015, IBM employees can also take the WebSphere, IBM CICS Transactions, SOA and PureApplication certification tests via the internal SWG Online Test Centers (or Anywhere Proctored) for a reduced rate.

Certification ‘assessment’ Tests
The certification assessment tests are available for some certification tests to gauge one’s readiness for the actual test. Effective January 2015, the assessment test fee is as follows (shown in USA dollars):
$30 per attempt worldwide

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