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Test P2070-091: IBM Content Analytics Product Fundamentals Technical Mastery Test v1

Note: This test will be withdrawn on Dec 31 2014.
The replacement test is: (P2070-750) IBM Watson Explorer Content Analytics Product Fundamentals Technical Mastery Test v2

Section 1 - LanguageWare Resource Workbench (34%)

  1. Understanding the processes, features, and resources

  2. Functions of annotators

  3. How to create and use Custom User Dictionaries

  4. How to implement Custom Rules File

  5. Best Practices

Section 2 - Export (12%)

  1. Functions of export plug-ins

  2. Understanding Crawlers plug-ins

  3. How to utilize the Text Miner application

Section 3 - Real-time Natural Language Processing (NLP) Application (15%)

  1. Requirements for the Real-time NLP API

  2. Understanding the ease of the Identify Management API

  3. The benefits of REST APIs

Section 4 - ICM (IBM Classification Module) (20%)

  1. Impact of integrating the IBM Classification Module (ICM) in ICA document processing

  2. Applications that integrate with IBM Content Collector (ICC)

  3. Enhancements to the LanguageWare Resource Workbench (LRW)

  4. Using ICA and Cognos Business Intelligence (BI) for reports

  5. Ways to integrate with the ECM Platform

  6. How to integrate with the ACM Platform

Section 5 - Additional Features (12%)

  1. Understanding ICA features

Section 6 - Capacity Planning (7%)

  1. Elements that influence and generate capacity planning


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