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Test P2070-090: IBM Content Analytics Theory Technical Mastery Test v1

Note: This test will be withdrawn on Jan 31 2015.
The replacement test is: (P2070-754) IBM Watson Explorer Content Analytics Theory Technical Mastery Test V1

Section 1 - Overview Architecture and Features (15%)

  1. Challenges with working with unstructured content

  2. Limitations of traditional business intelligence solutions

  3. Solutions built on IBM Content Analytics

  4. Annotators

  5. Capability of deep inspection in ICA

  6. Plug-in differentiators

  7. Annotators included in ICA

Section 2 - Text Miner Enhancements (8%)

  1. Defining and working with Text Miner Enhancements

  2. Defining Facets

  3. Deviations view in Text Miner

  4. Trends view in Text Miner

Section 3 - Administration (Backend) Enhancements (12%)

  1. ICA exporting capabilities

  2. Understanding the purpose of Hybrid segmentation

  3. Annotators that support content based classification

  4. Default export capabilities in ICA

  5. ICA exporting capabilities

  6. Export capabilities in ICA

Section 4 - Custom Text Analytics (4%)

  1. APIs utilized for ad-hoc text analytics for document indexing

  2. Understanding UIMA

Section 5 - Migration, Installation and Verification (18%)

  1. Scalability of ICA components

  2. Installation methods provided by ICA

  3. Understanding document servers

  4. Adding servers to ICA

  5. Adding document processors and/or search servers to ICA

  6. Systems for supporting multiple crawlers

  7. Results of adding document processing servers

  8. Master server components

  9. Changing single server configurations

Section 6 - Overview Architecture and Features (4%)

  1. ICA crawler functions

  2. Features of ICA v2.2

Section 7 - UI and Report Enhancements Details (10%)

  1. Text Miner views

  2. Visual representation of correllation indexes

  3. Date field in ICA

  4. Visualizations available in Dashboard view

  5. Developing a Text Minor custom view

Section 8 - Backend Enhancements Details (12%)

  1. Column delimiters supported for CSV import capability

  2. Support capabilities of field filtering

  3. Rules for building categories

  4. Installing IBM Classification Module to leverage document clustering

  5. Sources supported as a native crawler

  6. Features supported by Content Assessment

Section 9 - Custom Text Analytics (8%)

  1. Features of REST based client API

  2. Functions of Language Resource Workbench 7.2

  3. Integrating Language Resource Workbench 7.2 with ICA

Section 10 - Diagnostics and Troubleshooting (2%)

  1. Browser capabilities

Section 11 - Performance and Capacity Planning (7%)

  1. Reducing network traffic with search server configurations

  2. Purpose of Capacity Planning Guide

  3. Inputs for the Capacity Planning Guide

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