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Test P2070-073: IBM OmniFind Technical Sales Mastery Test v1

Note: This test will be withdrawn on Apr 30 2015.

Section 1 -- Understanding Content Search and Discovery Solutions (25%)

  1. Understanding the Market and Value Proposition for IBM OmniFind Solutions

  2. Articulating OmniFind Enterprise Edition Product Technical Capabilities

  3. Articulating OmniFind Discovery Edition Product Technical Capabilities

  4. Articulating IBM Classification Module Product Technical Capabilities

Section 2 - Assessing Solution Fit and Key Differentiators (13%)

  1. Applying OmniFind Discovery Edition Solution Fit & Key Differentiators

  2. Applying OmniFind Enterprise Edition Solution Fit & Key Differentiators

  3. Applying IBM Classification Module Solution Fit & Key Differentiators

Section 3 - Representing a Technical Overview of the OmniFind Suite (37%)

  1. Understanding the OmniFind Product Architecture

  2. Using the Unstructured Information Management Architecture (UIMA)

  3. Applying Security in OmniFind

  4. Deploying OmniFind Solutions

Section 4 - Conveying Business Insight and Text Analytics Technical Fundamentals (17%)

  1. Applying Technical Fundamentals

Section 5 - OmniFind Enterprise Edition and WebSphere Portal (8%)

  1. Using OmniFind Enterprise Edition with WebSphere Portal


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