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Test M6040-426: IBM SurePOS 700 Series Models 745, 775, and 785 Sales Mastery

This mastery test contains the following sections:

Section 1 - Features and Benefits (60%)

  1. Understand the features and benefits of the SurePOS 700

  2. Explain the advantages of solid state drives versus hard disk drives

  3. List the operating systems supported by the SurePOS 700

  4. Describe the systems management capabilities

  5. Explain light path management

  6. Summarize the advantages of deep sleep automation

  7. List features of tool-free design

  8. List SurePort options

  9. Know how to locate additional resources

Section 2 - Target customers, Positioning, and IBM value (34%)

  1. Summarize positioning and selling strategies of the SurePOS family

  2. Explain Retail Store Solution's leadership and advantages

  3. Explain retail hardening

  4. Understand Smarter Commerce, and be able to articulate to customers, the critical RSS value proposition and tie into this initiative

  5. Describe customer success stories

Section 3 - Competition (6%)

  1. Understand SurePOS 700 competition


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