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Test M6040-420: IBM SureMark Printers Models 2xR and 1xR Sales Mastery

The test sections and objectives are listed below.

Section 1 - SureMark Printer Features (39%)

  1. Explain why printers are mission critical peripherals

  2. Identify the ways in which the IBM SureMark printer meets retailers' demands

  3. List the IBM SureMark printer models that are being replaced by model 1NR

  4. List some of the key feature advantages models 1NR, 2CR and 2 NR have versus current IBM SureMark printer models

  5. Identify ways in which the IBM SureMark printers are eco-friendly

  6. List operating systems and IBM applications supported on the IBM SureMark printers

Section 2 - Serviceability and Systems Management (22%)

  1. Explain how the IBM SureMark printers are enabled for systems management

  2. Identify the printer components that are part of the IBM Systems Management Solution

  3. List key servicability features of the IBM SureMark printers

Section 3 - Advantages and Competition (22%)

  1. Explain how to compete against Epson and NCR POS printers

  2. Describe the IBM exclusive features that give the IBM SureMark printer advantages versus other hybrid thermal / impact POS printers

Section 4 - Positioning, Ordering, and Support (17%)

  1. Explain how models 1NR, 2CR and 2NR are positioned in the IBM portfolio

  2. Describe the transition plan to replace existing IBM SureMark printers

  3. Understand how to order models 1NR, 2CR and 2NR

  4. Identify other IBM education resources and references


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