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Mastery Test Information

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Mastery tests are used to verify the mastery of knowledge covered in a course or a defined set of learning materials. They are not certification tests, which are designed to validate skills needed in a specific job-role. Rather, mastery tests help to assure an individual has achieved a foundation of knowledge and understanding of a subject matter.

Mastery tests supplement certifications as a method used by IBM to evaluate knowledge of IBM Sales and Technical Professionals. As with certifications, the successful completion of a mastery test may be required for participation in some IBM Business Partner activities.

DM = Test duration in minutes
NQ = Approximate number of questions
PS = Passing score

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Mastery test information by product
Test # Mastery title DM NQ PS Proctored
IBM Capabilities Solutions
Software Sales Mastery
M2110-233IBM Social Business Solution Sales Mastery Test v1906175No
IBM Global Technology Services
GTS Sales Mastery
P6010-G02IBM EMEA Maintenance and Technical Support Mastery Test v21208580Yes
IBM Retail Store Solutions
M6040-419IBM SurePOS 500 Series models 5x6 Sales Mastery753372No
M6040-420IBM SureMark Printers Models 2xR and 1xR Sales Mastery703672No
M6040-423IBM AnyPlace Kiosk models 3xx, 5xx, 7xx, and 9xx Sales Mastery753372No
M6040-424IBM SurePOS 30 Models 34x and E4x Sales mastery603571No
M6040-425IBM SurePOS 700 Series Models 743 and 784 Sales MasteryN/AN/AN/ANo
M6040-426IBM SurePOS 700 Series Models 745, 775, and 785 Sales Mastery603571No
P6040-009IBM SurePOS 300 Models 330 and 33H Technical Mastery703174Yes
P6040-012IBM SureMark Printers Models 2xR and 1xR Technical Mastery753672Yes
P6040-014IBM SurePOS 500 Series Models 5x5 Technical Mastery703272Yes
P6040-015IBm AnyPlace Kiosk 5xx, 7xx, and 9xx Technical Mastery703372Yes
P6040-017IBM SurePOS 700 Series Models 7x3 Technical Mastery753571Yes
P6040-018IBM SurePOS ACE V5 Technical Mastery905269Yes
P6040-022IBM SurePOS 500 Series models 5x6 Technical mastery753472Yes
P6040-024IBM SurePOS 300 Models 340 and E40 Technical Mastery603572Yes
P6040-025IBM SurePOS 700 Series Models 743 and 784 Technical Mastery603571Yes
P6040-026IBM SurePOS 700 Series Models 745, 775, and 785 Technical Mastery603571Yes
P6040-027IBM SurePOS 300 Series Models 350 and E50 Technical Mastery603571Yes
Software Sales Mastery
M2110-002z Systems Software Top Gun Mastery Test v115N/AN/ANo