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IBM Certified Infrastructure Systems Architect

Job Role Description / Target Audience

The IBM Certified Infrastructure Systems Architect (ISA) certification is designed to enhance the technical sales and solution design skills of an individual within the Business Partner firm to be better able to define and develop comprehensive client solutions. Comprehensive client solutions can generate greater financial results to the firm while clients can benefit by implementing leading-edge solutions that pay off faster. 

ISAs will develop and validate strong technical leadership skills enabling them to architect and design complex IT infrastructure solutions that include integrated multiple server platforms, software middleware, storage, and services.

Recommended Prerequisite Skills

Candidates in the IBM Certified Infrastructure Systems Architect program should:

  • Have at least five years IT experience and proven capability in a technical project leadership role. IT Architect experience is recommended, but not required to enter the program.
  • Complete and submit an application to  
  • Meet core requirements below in an 18 month period.


This certification requires 2 IBM technical certifications + 1 IBM Cloud technical certification + IT architectural methodology education and certification program

1.  2 IBM technical certifications:

Important:  Because of the sale of IBM's low end server business to Lenovo, certifications for System x, IBM PureSystems and System Networking will no longer be accepted toward the ISA certification regardless of when they were achieved.  Hardware certifications must be for Power, System z and/or Storage. 


Please note that the links above contain information on sales certifications as well as on technical certifications. Only technical certifications will be accepted for this core requirement. If you have any question about the validity of a certification in fulfilling this requirement, please send a note to All certifications must be less than 2 years old at the time you fulfill all the ISA requirements.

2.   1 IBM Cloud technical certification


3.  IT architectural methodology education and certification:


In order to maintain IBM Certified Infrastructure Systems Architect status, it is necessary to be recertified every two years. The process involves recertification of the two technical product certifications. Alternatively, you may choose new technical product certifications using the guidelines listed in step 2 above. For Business Partners in the IBM PartnerWorld program, unless you fulfill this requirement and notify of the new certifications, your ISA Certification will be placed in a "renewable" status.  You will not receive PartnerWorld points for the ISA Certification toward your firm's PartnerWorld level until it is renewed. 

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