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IBM Certified Administrator - Rational BuildForge v7.1

Job Role Description / Target Audience

Note: This certification will be withdrawn on 11/30/2015.

This certification involves a stand-alone intermediate level test. It is intended for IT Specialists with IBM Rational BuildForge V7.1 application administration experience.

These IT Specialists design, develop, deploy and support BuildForge environments in support of SDLC project environments. The IT Specialist in this role applies sound BuildForge best practices relative to the design, development and deployment of BuildForge infrastructures.

To attain the IBM Certified Administrator - Rational BuildForge v7.1 certification, candidates must pass 1 test. To prepare for this test, based on the job role and test objectives, refer to the Recommended Educational Resources under Requirements below.

Recommended Prerequisite Skills

  1. Familiarity with the Test Objectives for IBM Certified Administrator - Rational BuildForge v7.1
  2.    Experience with the stages of the software development lifecycle
  3.    Experience designing and deploying Rational BuildForge environments
  4.    Experience using BuildForge v7.1 to automate SDLC processes
  5.    System Administration on multiple Operating Systems
    1. Users and Groups
    2. Interprocess Communication (pipe, tee, redirection, etc.)
  6.    Database knowledge (Configuration, SQL, command line administration, BuildForge specific parameters, performance consideration
  7.    Networking (intermediate network concepts)
  8.    LDAP (ability to use LDAP for  authentication and authorization)
  9.    Perl Regular expressions (as pertains to log filters, selectors, adaptors)
    1. Leveraging existing LDAP environments for BuildForge authentication and authorization.
  10.    Familiarity with invoking software build tools (i.e., ant, make, maven) in support of customer supplied build scripts
  11.    Familiarity with Software Deployment (to test, to production, to application server, etc.)
  12. Experience supporting customer audit, compliance and reporting requirements


This certification requires 1 test(s).

Test(s) required:

Click on the link(s) below to see test details, test objectives, suggested training and sample tests.

  1. Test C2140-056 - Rational BuildForge v7.1


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