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IBM Certified Deployment Professional - Tivoli Provisioning Manager V7.2.0.2

Job Role Description / Target Audience

An IBM Certified Deployment Professional - Tivoli Provisioning Manager V7.2.0.2 is a technical professional responsible for the planning, installation, environment setup, configuration, problem determination, and administration of the IBM Tivoli Provisioning Manager V7.2.0.2 solution. It is expected that this person will be able to perform these tasks with limited assistance from peers, product documentation, and support resources. 


To attain the IBM Certified Deployment Professional - Tivoli Provisioning Manager certification, candidates must pass 1 test.

Key Areas of Competency: 

  1. Describe the IBM Tivoli Provisioning Manager architecture and components.
  2. Design IBM Tivoli Provisioning Manager solution based on customer environment and requirements. 
  3. Map customer's IT infrastructure to the Data Center Model. 
  4. Install and configure prerequisites for IBM Tivoli Provisioning Manager V7.2.0.2.
  5. Install and configure IBM Tivoli Provisioning Manager software and integrated products. 
  6. Configure the Data Center Model using the Web and/or command line interface (CLI).
  7. Work with provisioning workflows. 
  8. Perform IBM Tivoli Provisioning Manager administration tasks. 
  9. Integrate with 3rd party hardware and software.
  10. Perform problem determination for IBM Tivoli Provisioning Manager 

Recommended Prerequisite Skills

Required Prerequisite(s)

  1. Strong knowledge of IBM Tivoli Provisioning Manager and components. 
  2. Basic knowledge of IBM Tivoli Provisioning Manager for OS Deployment. 
  3. Working knowledge of Cygwin. 
  4. Working knowledge of XML. 
  5. Working knowledge of operating system deployment and administration in Windows, AIX, Solaris and Linux. 
  6. Working knowledge of network technology and administration (switches, routers, firewalls). 
  7. Working knowledge of relational databases. 
  8. Working knowledge of LDAP. 
  9. Working knowledge of shell scripting.
  10. Working knowledge of unattended installation methods for software products. 
  11. Working knowledge of Eclipse. 
  12. Working knowledge of configuration management concepts.


Recommended Prerequisite(s): 

  1. Working knowledge of telnet, SSH, SMB, FTP, SNMP, SOAP. 
  2. Familiarity with TCP/IP. 
  3. Working knowledge of boot server concepts.
  4. Working knowledge of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) concepts. 
  5. Working knowledge of Jython. 
  6. Working knowledge of server hardware, clustering technologies, and storage technologies (blade centers, LPARs, load balancers, SAN, NAS). 
  7. Working knowledge of Websphere Application Server.
  8. Working knowledge of security concepts for example key encryption, GS Kit, and SSL, OpenSSL. 
  9. Working knowledge of query languages (XPath, SQL). 
  10. Working knowledge of virtual servers (VMware, LPARs). 
  11. Working knowledge of ITIL.


This certification requires 1 test(s).

Test(s) required:

Click on the link(s) below to see test details, test objectives, suggested training and sample tests.

  1. Test 000-567 - IBM Tivoli Provisioning Manager V7.2.0.2 Implementation


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