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IBM Certified Specialist - Midrange Storage Technical Support V3

Job Role Description / Target Audience

Note: This certification will be withdrawn on 07/31/2015.   The most current certification is: IBM Certified Specialist - Midrange Storage Technical Support V4

The Midrange Technical Specialist consults with customers to analyze the customer's needs, select products, and plan the implementation of storage products.  The Midrange Storage Specialist also has a broad knowledge of the features, functions and benefits of IBM storage solutions and the IBM storage portfolio including disk, tape, storage management software, NAS, SAN and virtualization, as well as an understanding of competitive offerings used in the midrange segment.  This knowledge includes both current and commonly occurring products typically encountered.  The specialist also requires general knowledge of IBM storage hardware and software products used outside the midrange product set.  

The Midrange Technical Specialist has knowledge of the features and functions of IBM midrange storage solutions, and knowledge of competitive solutions.  The IBM storage solutions included in this exam are: System Storage DCS3700, Storwize V3700, Storwize V7000, Storwize V7000 Unified, System Storage N series, LTO-6 tape products, Midrange Tape Systems, ProtecTIER Appliance, Real-time Compression Appliance, and SAN Volume Controller.  Basic understanding and general knowledge of IBM PureSystems, Tivoli Storage Productivity Center Select, Tivoli Storage Manager, and FlashCopy Manager is also recommended.  

This specialist can perform the following tasks without assistance: determine product positioning; gather customer requirements; identify competitors' features for midrange products; position IBM midrange storage against competitive technologies; conduct a demo of the IBM solution including the GUI and basic functions; run eConfig to create a valid configuration; present the configuration to the customer; understand the TDA process; conduct performance sizing and validation; understand licensing; document the solution; discussion of replication and migration; TCO analysis; understand the RPQ/SCORE process

This specialist can perform the following tasks with assistance: design the total solution (with ATS and Techline); plan the implementation of the IBM solution; conduct an in depth demo of the IBM solution including Q&A (with distributor, IBM); determine the information needed to verify the environment is capable of supporting the new or expanded solution (TDA); conduct a Proof of Concept; design replication/migration to meet customer requirements; backup and restore

This specialist should be familiar with the following resources:  eConfig; Capacity Magic; Disk Magic; COMP database; Techline / CompeteCenter (online access); System Storage Interoperability Center (SSIC); TCOnow!; ProtecTIER-APTAR to analyze data structures of customer backup environment; Standalone Solution Configuration Tool (SSCT); SVCMON for gathering environmentals (not detailed diagnostics); Brocade SAN Health for gathering environmentals (not detailed diagnostics); Tivoli Storage Productivity Center Select; Tivoli Storage Manager; FlashCopy Manager; IBM Systems Director; ProtecTIER replication network bandwidth test tool; Linear Tape File System (LTFS); DS Storage Manager Simulator; DS Capacity Calculator; DS Power and Cooling Calculator; N series sizing tools

Recommended Prerequisite Skills

Minimum 12 months of general technical storage experience with midrange storage customers.  Minimum 6 months of pre-sales technical storage experience with IBM midrange systems. 


This certification requires 1 test(s).

Test(s) required:

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  1. Test C4090-451 - IBM Midrange Storage Technical Support V3


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