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IBM Certification

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IBM Badges

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IBM Open Badge Certification Program

The Certified badge is awarded to IT professionals who have successfully completed the requirements associated with selected solutions, selected advanced/expert certifications and to individuals who have made significant contribution to the development of IBM certification exams. This badge is typically associated with the learner who has achieved and demonstrated an exceptionally high level of understanding of the topic represented by the certification.

All IBM certification credentials can be shared on linkedin (Watch Now). When a certification is eligible for a badge, that badge can also be shared on social media.

What are IBM Badges.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are our most commonly asked questions. For more information please contact our help desk at Certify@us.ibm.com

  • Where can I get my badge?

    After completing the requirements to earn a badge, you will receive an email sent by youracclaim.com. It will contain the simple steps to unlock and obtain your badge. You can see all your badges at any time by logging into Acclaim.

  • I passed the test but I didn't get a badge?

    Double check that the exam you passed completes all the requirements required to earn a badge. If that is the case, please note that badges are only issued after IBM has processed your test results and awarded any associated certification. If there is still a concern, do not hesitate and contact certify@us.ibm.com and we will happily assist.

  • What do I do with my badge?

    Promote it! Earning a badge is an accomplishment and provides an easy secure trusted way to share your qualifications. You can display a badge on social and professional networking sites, in your email signature (watch how) and with employers to verify what you have done.

  • I lost the email telling me how to accept my badge?

    No problem. If you already have an account with Acclaim you can log in at any time and see all pending and existing badges you have earned. If this is your first badge or you have never logged into Acclaim, then please send an email to certify@us.ibm.com and we will resend the email.

  • What if I don't want a badge?

    No problem. When you receive your email from youracclaim.com to unlock your badge you can ignore the email or explicitly reject the badge. The badge and any information related to it will be removed from the acclaim system if not accepted.

  • Why doesn't my Certification have a badge?

    We will be looking at adding additional certification badges in the future, but at this time we are focused on advanced and solution based certification badges