IMS Global Learning Consortium


IMS GLC is a global, nonprofit, member association that provides leadership in shaping the learning and educational technology industries through collaborative support of standards, innovation, best practice and recognition of superior learning impact. This body includes more than 50 contributing members and affiliates, of which IBM is one. Members come from every sector of the global learning community, including:

IBM is most involved with the recommendations of the AccessForAll Meta-data specification described in the following paragraph.

IMS AccessForAll Meta-data Specification

The AccessForAll Meta-data specification is intended to make it possible to identify resources that match a user's stated preferences or needs. These would be declared using the IMS Learner Information Package Accessibility for LIP specification. They include the need or preference for:

The specification provides a common language for identifying and describing the primary or default resource and equivalent alternatives for that resource.

Last updated, July 27, 2007


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