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IBM Cross-industry panels at CSUN 2013 address mobile accessibility challenges

Accessibility experts share their thoughts

Industry and consumers have made a fundamental shift from desktop computing to mobile. The shift to mobile has happened so quickly that many are wondering how they address accessibility in this rapidly changing environment where the players, the technology, and the platforms are changing under our feet, with questions such as:

At the 28th Annual International Technology and Persons with Disabilities Conference California State University, Northridge (CSUN) conference (link resides outside of, IBM brought together accessibility experts from government, major enterprise IT (information technology) providers, mobile OS (operating system) providers, mobile device providers, and industry standards efforts to bring focus and direction to addressing accessibility in one of the most liberating opportunities for people with disabilities in the last decade. With mobile, accessibility becomes a mainstream priority that will benefit all users.

Panel 1: Accessibility & Mobile Movement

In this panel, mobile and IT leaders discussed how mobile adoption worldwide is changing from an add-on assistive feature to mainstream innovation opportunity.

Panelists: Dave Dougall, BlackBerry; Matt King, IBM CIO; Rob Sinclair, Microsoft; Tom Wlodkowski, Comcast; Marco Zehe, Mozilla; Rich Schwerdtfeger, IBM Software Group; Brian Cragun, IBM Research

Panel 2: Inclusive Mobile for Everyone - Challenges

In this panel, business and government leaders talked about the unique challenges supporting mobile accessibility, solutions, and shared insight into inclusive mobile deployment strategies.

Panelists: Andrew Arch, Australian Government Information Management Office; Bruce Bailey, U.S. Access Board; Peter Korn, Oracle; Pirthipal Singh, Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat; Madeleine Rothberg, WGBH National Center for Accessible Media; Rich Schwerdtfeger, IBM Software Group; Brian Cragun, IBM Research

Panel 3 - Closing Gaps: Mobile Standards Enablement

In this panel, the discussion included open technologies, state of mobile standards development, and how industry leaders are working to close gaps in mobile technology development.

Panelists: Bruce Bailey, U.S. Access Board; Judy Brewer, Web Accessibility Initiative, World Wide Web Consortium; Janina Sajka, Capital Accessibility; John S. Lee, BlackBerry; T. V. Raman, Google; Rich Schwerdtfeger, IBM Software Group; Brian Cragun, IBM Research; Mary Jo Mueller, IBM Research

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