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Improving the User Experience by Standardizing on EPUB.  Read the article.

Advancing Accessibility Research with UMass Boston.  Read the article.

Extending the Accessibility of Multimedia Content.  Read the article.

The importance of mobile accessibility.  Read the article.

IBM feature article: IBM Sponsors AFB Leadership Conference in the Windy City featuring keynote speaker, Chieko Asakawa, IBM Fellow.

IBM feature article: Cross-industry panels at CSUN 2013 address mobile accessibility challenges. Accessibility experts share their thoughts.

IBM feature article: Innovation for the People of a Smarter Planet IBM Human Centric Solutions Center is making a difference for Italian seniors aging at home in Bolzano

IBM feature article: Healing the world: A surgeon’s quest Creating a universal translator with IBM collaboration, captioning and translation tools.

WGBH/NCAM receives FCC Chairman's Award for Advancement in Accessibility for Mobile Applications.

Daily dose of inclusive Social Business. Discovery Channel Canada interviews IBM HA&AC Advocacy and Outreach Program Manager Peter Fay.

Accessibility news: Valuing every voice. Inclusive social business hits the blogosphere.

The Conversational Internet. A project that enables people who are blind to 'talk' with web pages

HTML5 accessibility. Coming soon – are you ready?

City of Bolzano honored by Computerworld. Socially-enabled 'aging in place' solution wins high marks for innovation.

COGNO 2.0 — Designed for the human mind. The next generation of technology design.

IBM Researcher, Dr. Dimitri Kanevsky, honored as White House Champion of Change

Putting inclusive learning to work in Philadelphia. A Smarter Cities approach to closing the workforce skills gap.

Check out our checklists. Questions and answers about the IBM accessibility developer guidelines.

Feeling Fine in Sao Paulo, Brazil. IBM wins $3.2 million contract to develop accessible platform for vocational training

Five issues to avoid for accessible presentations. Learn how to duck them with these techniques.

Cloud desktop accessibility.A look at how assistive technologies work in the cloud and virtual desktops. Connect to cloud.

10 steps for making your meeting accessible. How to design your meeting and include everyone.

Making small visual displays accessible to people with vision loss. AFB to develop consumer report on small screen access.

A Testament to Accessibility. Seth Bravin testifies before US Senate about higher education and employment for people who are deaf and hard of hearing.

Accessibility in the City — 
New York City

Eclipsing expectations. New Eclipse support for IAccessible2 makes code more accessible than ever

The art of accessibility. Knowing art when you 'hear' it

Accessible Analytics - Complex Charts, Large Datasets, and Node Diagrams

Social media sites get down to business

Let's get mobile. Advancing mobile usability for everyone

The WAI forward for accessibility. How IBM is making its Web applications more accessible

A new vision for 'social security'. Home healthcare smart sensors help keep Italian seniors living in place

Creating business advantage with workforce diversity and inclusion

Lotus Connections 3.0 – Accessible Social Software for Business

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