Retaining customer loyalty. Reaching new markets. Keeping up with changing and complex regulations worldwide. These are the ultimate concerns of many executives — particularly in financial services — where it is imperative that capital outlays result in a definite return on investment. In the face of these challenges, banks and financial services organizations are continually pressed to look for innovative ways to differentiate themselves from the competition.

Innovation occurs at the intersection of invention and insight. It's about the application of invention — the fusion of new developments and new approaches to solve problems. Accessibility is one area where you can harness insight into what makes your business productive, and steer inventions that are essential to enhancing the customer experience and meeting standards — to arrive at innovation.

  • Reaping the business advantages of accessibility for banking

    Reaping the business advantages of accessibility for banking

    One way to separate yourself from the competition is to understand that different customers have different needs and demand consistent, personalized service at every touch point, no matter how or where they choose to bank — online, at the branch or self-service. Accessibility provides you with the tools and technology to reach out and deliver a consistently rewarding customer experience to a broader base of the population, including aging consumers and people with disabilities.

  • IBM and banking: Reaching new markets. Meeting customer needs.

    IBM and banking: Reaching new markets. Meeting customer needs.

    Working with IBM, you can utilize the expertise of a company that understands banking and has deep knowledge in accessibility. And, because of our experience with accessibility standards and regulations around the world, IBM can help your financial organization be aware of changing accessibility requirements.

  • Solution offerings

    Solution offerings

    IBM has a set of offerings and solutions that, when combined with our deep knowledge and skills, can help you integrate accessibility into your business.

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