Accessibility means providing people access to IT and knowledge regardless of their abilities or disabilities. Working with IBM, you can utilize the expertise of a company that understands your industry and has deep knowledge in accessibility.

  • Banking


    As online transactions continue to increase, companies must provide IT access to customers and employees regardless of ability. Focusing on accessibility helps businesses to reach out to new markets, meet the changing demands of current customers and build employee satisfaction. Making IT accessible can help transform banks, creating a clear competitive advantage and making them the business of choice for more people.

  • Education


    Schools, colleges and universities worldwide are responding to the pressure to innovate and transform to meet the competitive demands of the knowledge economy. These demands, in addition to changes in the expectations of students, parents, educators, staff and even employers are driving the transformation in education.

  • Government


    In today's on-demand world, the public expects and requires quick, easy access to information and services. To meet the public's expectations, many countries are instituting e-government initiatives, calling for the use of modern technologies that facilitate productivity and enable faster and better responses to their citizens. E-government initiatives, along with legislation that requires access to information technology for people with disabilities, are compelling reasons for governments to invest in accessible technology.

  • Healthcare


    There are few industries poised on the brink of such dramatic change as the field of healthcare. And with the complexities associated with consumer-centric healthcare, interconnectivity, security and privacy, IBM is helping healthcare providers, administrators, and pharmaceutical companies develop innovative ways to achieve their primary goal: to maintain or improve the wellness of the individual.

  • Retail


    Retailers must find creative ways to connect with new markets to cultivate long-term, profitable relationships. Accessibility provides you with the tools and technology to reach out and deliver a consistently rewarding customer experience to a broader base of the population, including maturing consumers and people with disabilities.

  • Travel and Transportation

    Travel and Transportation

    It seems like the whole world is on the move — millions of active seniors trekking in and out of airports and rail stations. Travelers with disabilities spending billions on leisure and business trips. Retired (but definitely retiring) boomers checking into hotels, motels, and B&Bs. Travel and transportation businesses are beginning to look at accessible technology in a whole new way. Today, it’s all about inclusion—the potential to enable a broader range of customers to more easily and effectively use information technology, regardless of their individual abilities or disabilities.

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