Web checklist

Checkpoint 4.2a: Text-only pages

If accessibility cannot be accomplished in any other way, an alternative text-only page with equivalent information or functionality is provided.


An alternative text-only page should only be used if compliance with the Web checklist cannot be achieved any other way. Alternative text-only pages are used as a last resort because they must be maintained and kept in sync with the primary page.

Required development and unit test techniques

To comply with this checkpoint, you must meet all of the following techniques.

  1. Links: Making the link to the text-only page easy to find.
  2. Text-only page: Keeping content on the text-only page in sync.

Note: The examples presented in the techniques are not exhaustive. They are meant to illustrate the spirit of this checkpoint.

General examples

  1. Links: Making the link to the text-only page easy to find.

    To comply with this technique, you must implement the following example.

    General example 1

    In order to keep the equivalent information and functionality for the primary Web page and the text-only page, publish both versions at the same time. Provide the link at the top of the page in a location that is easy to identify.

    Required unit tests for general development technique 1

    Manually perform the following unit test:

    • Verify that the link is keyboard accessible and the target is the appropriate text only page.

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