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IBM Web Accessibility Checklist - WCAG 2.0 AA version 1.0
# Checkpoint description Yes No
1.2a name= Time-based Media: Provide alternatives for time-based media.
AA1.2.4 1.2.4 Captions (Live). Captions are provided for all live audio content in synchronized media. (See WCAG 2.0 checkpoint 1.2.4 link resides outside of ibm.com)
Note: If the Time-based media meets checkpoint 1.2c: Live multimedia, in the IBM Web accessibility checklist, it also meets this checkpoint.

AA1.2.5 1.2.5 Audio Description. Audio description is provided for all prerecorded video content in synchronized media.)

1.4 Distinguishable: Make it easier for users to see and hear content including separating foreground from background.
AA1.4.3 1.4.3 Contrast (Minimum). The visual presentation of text and images of text has a contrast ratio of at least 4.5:1, except for large print and images of large print, which must have a contrast ratio of 3:1. Decorative images and logotypes are exempt from this requirement.

AA1.4.4 1.4.4 Resize Text. Text (but not images of text) can be resized without assistive technology up to 200 percent without loss of content or functionality.

AA1.4.5 1.4.5 Images of Text. Use text to convey information rather than images. An image of text may be used when it is essential to the information being conveyed and the image can be visually customized to the user's requirements.

2.4 Navigable: Provide ways to help users navigate, find content, and determine where they are.
AA2.4.5 2.4.5 Multiple Ways. More than one way is available to locate a Web page within a set of Web pages except where the Web Page is the result of, or a step in, a process.

AA2.4.6 2.4.6 Headings and Labels. Headings and labels describe topic or purpose.

AA2.4.7 2.4.7 Focus Visible. Any keyboard operable user interface has a mode of operation where the keyboard focus indicator is visible.

3.1 Readable: Make text content readable and understandable.
AA3.1.2 3.1.2 Language of Parts. The human language of each passage or phrase in the content can be programmatically determined except for proper names, technical terms, words of indeterminate language, and words or phrases that have become part of the vernacular of the immediately surrounding text.

3.2 Predictable. Make Web pages appear and operate in predictable ways.
AA3.2.3 3.2.3 Consistent Navigation. Navigational mechanisms that are repeated on multiple Web pages within a set of Web pages occur in the same relative order each time they are repeated, unless a change is initiated by the user.

AA3.2.4 3.2.4 Consistent Identification. Components that have the same functionality within a set of Web pages are identified consistently.

3.3 Input Assistance: Help users avoid and correct mistakes.
AA3.3.3 3.3.3 Error Suggestion. If an input error is automatically detected and suggestions for correction are known, then the suggestions are provided to the user, unless it would jeopardize the security or purpose of the content.

AA3.3.4 3.3.4 Error Prevention (Legal, Financial, Data). Web pages used for legal commitments, financial transactions, that modify or delete user-controlled data in a storage system, or that submit user test responses must 1) allow the user to reverse the submission, OR 2) be checked for input errors and provide the user with the ability to correct input before submission OR 3) allow the user to review, confirm and correct information before finalizing the submission.

W3C Recommendation 11 December 2008: http://www.w3.org/TR/WCAG20/ (link resides outside of ibm.com).
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