Lotus Notes checklist

Checkpoint 3.3: Alternatives for text pop-ups

Make text pop-ups directly accessible or provide an accessible alternative.

Applicable user interfaces

This checkpoint only applies to Lotus Notes applications viewed through the Notes client.


Text pop-ups provide additional information about a field or form. If you cannot navigate to the pop-up using the keyboard, some users will not be able to access the information. Text pop-ups can be accessed using the keyboard if they are coded correctly.

Required development techniques

The following technique is required to meet Checkpoint 3.3 from the Lotus Notes Application Accessibility Checklist:

  1. Display pop-ups using the "On Click" option. If they are displayed using On Mouse Over, they are not accessible.
    1. Select the text that will be associated with the pop-up
    2. Go to Create — Hotspot — Text Pop-up
    3. Select the Hotspot Info tab. In the Popup text field, enter the text that will be displayed when you navigate to the pop-up
    4. Go to Show Pop-up and select the option "On click" to make the pop-up accessible when using the keyboard or the mouse

Hot Spot Pop up

Required test techniques

Test the application to ensure that it complies with accessibility requirements.


No test tools are required to test this checkpoint


The following techniques are required to verify this checkpoint:
Action Result
1. In Notes, open the document with the text pop-up. Tab to the pop-up to verify you can access it with the keyboard. Pass:


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