Lotus Notes checklist

Checkpoint 1.3: Titles for frames

Provide a title for each frame.

Applicable user interfaces

This checkpoint only applies to Lotus Notes applications viewed through the Notes client.

Note: Applications that support both the Notes client interface and the Web interface must complete both the Web checklist and the Lotus Notes checklist. When completing the Web checklist, related techniques and examples for Domino applications are found in Web checkpoint 2.4c: "Frames".


Frames provide structural information in a Notes application. When the frames have meaningful titles, someone using a screen reader can quickly navigate between frames to find the data they need without having to listen to all the information sequentially. When a blind user moves to a new frame, the frame title is used to provide context for where they are in the application.

If the frame does not have a title, someone using a screen reader will hear "Untitled" and they will not know where they are in the application unless they start reading the frame. If the frame has a title, but it is not meaningful, the frameset cannot be used to efficiently navigate the application. For example, if the frame title is "Left", this provides no information about the purpose of the frame.

Required development techniques

One or more of the following techniques are required to meet Checkpoint 1.3 from the Lotus Notes Application Accessibility Checklist:

  1. Provide a meaningful name for each frame within the frameset.
    1. Select the frame. Press Shift-F10 and select Frame Properties
    2. Select the Basics tab. Enter a meaningful name for the frame in the Name field. Examples of meaningful frame names include "Navigation" or "Main" for the main content of the page. Names like "top" or "Red" are not meaningful and do not meet the requirement of the checkpoint. Do not add the word "frame" to each frame title since the screen reader will identify the object as a frame. If the title is "Navigation frame", the user will hear "Navigation frame frame." when they navigate to the frame.

    Screen shot of Frame Properties Box with frame title entered in the name field

  2. Even if you have specified that the frame does not receive focus using the "No focus on F6" option, you must still provide a useful frame name.
  3. When the frame includes a page, provide a meaningful name for the page.
    1. Select the page. Press Shift-F10 and select Page Properties.
    2. Select the Basics tab. Enter a meaningful name in the Name field that briefly describes the purpose of the page.

    Domino page

  4. Do not use abbreviations in frame or page names. Frame names like "navfr" cannot be understood when spoken by a screen reader.

Required test techniques

Test the application to ensure that it complies with accessibility requirements.


Install the following tool to test this checkpoint:


The following techniques are required to verify this checkpoint:
Action Result


Test the Notes client application with a screen reader to verify frame titles are meaningful.

Lotus Notes does not allow untitled pages. All pages will have a title, but they may not be useful.



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