Lotus Notes checklist

Checkpoint 5.1: Include forms in the menu

Include forms in the appropriate action menu.

Applicable user interfaces

This checkpoint only applies to Lotus Notes applications viewed through the Notes client.

Note: Applications that support both the Notes client interface and the Web interface must complete both the Web checklist and the Lotus Notes checklist. When completing the Web checklist, related techniques and examples for Domino developers are found in Web checkpoint 1.3d – Forms.


Many applications provide action buttons or navigator links to enable users to create new documents. Someone using the keyboard cannot access navigator links. Action buttons are difficult to access through the keyboard for someone who is accessing the database for the first time, or someone who does not use the database frequently. By including forms in the Create menu or Actions menu, users can easily access them through the keyboard or with a screen reader. Forms that are not used to create documents by end users do not need to be in the Create or Actions menu. Forms that are only used on the Web and not the Notes client may be hidden. Those hidden forms also do not need to be in the Create menu.

Required development techniques

One or more of the following techniques are required to meet Checkpoint 5.1 from the Lotus Notes Application Accessibility Checklist:

Forms that are used by end users to create documents must be included in the Create or Actions menu. Hidden forms do not need to be in the Create menu.

  1. To add a form to the Create menu:

  2. To add a form to the Action menu:

Recommended development techniques

The techniques above are required; the following technique is recommended to enhance accessibility:

  1. If the application has multiple forms starting with the same letter, Notes will assign a default shortcut key using the first letter not already in use by another form. To ensure the shortcut key to access the form is meaningful, you can change the name of the form or force the use of a specific key. To force the use of a specific key, select the action and open the Action Properties box. In the Name field, type an underscore before the letter you want to use as the shortcut. For example, to make V the shortcut key for the Interview form enter "Inter_view" in the Name field.

Required test techniques

Test the application to ensure that it complies with accessibility requirements.


No tools are required to test this checkpoint.


The following techniques are required to verify this checkpoint:
Action Result
1. Open the view(s) or form(s) where the user needs to create the document. Visually verify that the form name is listed in the Create or Actions menu. Pass:


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