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Understanding Accessibility

If you are new to accessibility, review "Understanding accessibility" before completing the checklist or contacting the Human Ability and Accessibility Center for help.

Lotus Notes application accessibility checklist

Use this checklist for:

Notes applications that will be deployed on the Web must use the Web Checklist in addition to this checklist.

Techniques pages, accessed via the link in each checkpoint, may contain more recent updates than the checklist itself. Be sure to review the techniques pages for the latest accessibility guidance.

IBM Lotus Notes Application accessibility checklist - Version 3.7
1 Navigation. Yes No
1.1 Provide keyboard equivalents for all navigator actions.

1.2 (Outdated. Kept for numbering only.)

1.3 Provide a title for each frame.

2 Buttons. Yes No
2.1 Include all action buttons in the appropriate menu.

2.2 Provide text labels for all buttons.

3 Graphics, Image maps and Links. Yes No
3.1 Provide alternate text for important graphics.

3.2 Provide alternate text for image maps and image map hotspots.

3.3 Make text pop-ups directly accessible or provide an alternative.

4 Views. Yes No
4.1 Include views in the View menu if the application uses navigators.

4.2 Use color as an enhancement, not as the only way to convey information or indicate an action.

4.3 Provide a visible selector for embedded outlines and views.

4.4 Enable the allow customizations option in views.

5 Forms. Yes No
5.1 Include forms in the appropriate action menu.

5.2 Associate labels with editable fields on forms using field help or HTML TITLE.

5.3 Provide a descriptive title for each form and page.

5.4 Avoid the use of animated tables.

5.5 Avoid the use of data tables.

5.6 Avoid the use of rich text lite fields.


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Last updated February 1, 2013.

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