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Test for accessibility

Documentation checkpoint 3

Test for accessibility using available tools.


Accessibility should be included as part of the product test cycle to ensure people with disabilities can use the software. After the documentation has been created, check the product to ensure that it complies with accessibility requirements. Several techniques are available to verify that documentation is accessible to people with disabilities. See the individual checkpoints for specific tests for each checkpoint. The tools used to test accessibility are outlined below.


The following techniques are the minimum required to meet Checkpoint 3 from the IBM Documentation Accessibility Checklist:

The techniques above are required; the following techniques are recommended to enhance accessibility:

The following table summarizes the tools available to test documentation for accessibility. There are two tools currently available to verify on-line documentation. The Adobe Accessibility Full Check tool can verify several specific PDF guidelines. A Web checking tool can verify some accessibility checkpoints for HTML documentation. Since these checkers cannot verify all checkpoints, it is still necessary to test documentation with assistive technology.

Documentation Accessibility Test Tools
Checkpoint Test Tools
1. Provide documentation in an accessible format. Automated: Adobe Accessibility Full Check tool to test tagged Adobe PDF documents. A Web checking tool to test Web documents.
Manual: A screen reader to read documentation in HTML format. Screen reader to read documentation in PDF, text or Windows help format.
2. Provide documentation on all accessibility features including keyboard access. Automated: N/A
Manual: Visual verification that accessibility features are documented.

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