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IBM sessions at CSUN 2012, February 29 – March 2

San Diego, California

Inclusive social business. Every voice. Every idea.

All IBM sessions will take place in the IBM suite located in the Elizabeth Ballroom F on the second level of the Manchester Grand Hyatt.

Time Session Presenter
Wednesday, February 29, 2012
8:00 – 9:00 AM Cost Savings of Early Accessibility Maureen Kraft
9:20 – 10:20 AM Tools for Visualizing web accessibility Hironobu Takagi, Daisuke Sato, Akihiro Kosugi
10:40 – 11:40 AM IBM AbilityLab Media Captioner & Editor Ali Sobhi
1:50 – 2:50 PM Pilot Deployment of HTML5 Video Descriptions Hironobu Takagi, Masatomo Kobayashi
3:10 – 4:10 PM Enhancing the quality of a Caption Edit system Ali Sobhi, Reiko Nagatsuma
Thursday, March 1, 2012
9:20 – 10:20 AM Tools for Complete, Efficient WCAG Governance Matt King
10:40 – 11:40 AM Smarter data, accessible cities and mobility Pawan Khera, Laurel Van Horn, Open Doors Organization
1:50 – 2:50 PM Featured Presentation
Inclusive Social Business: Leveraging the Power of One to Drive Innovation
Frances W. West
IBM social media friends and fans: RSVP for and attend this session to be entered into a drawing for a special IBM prize. Seating is limited. Send an email to today to reserve your seat!
Friday, March 2, 2012
9:20 – 10:20 AM Building a Business Case for Investing in Accommodation Program Improvement Matt King, Phill Jenkins

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