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Making your organization more accessible to citizens, employees and other businesses is as promising as it is challenging. Whether your organization is large or small, IBM can deliver the planning, design, development and e-learning services for accessibility solutions that integrate with your business initiatives.

Accessibility begins with compliance, but it extends beyond regulations and Web standards. Accessibility reflects an organization's commitment to removing the barriers that can inhibit interaction with information and services. Incorporating usability and personalization into your growth plan helps make the experience of working with - or in - your organization more positive. IBM has the creative and technical knowledge, usability expertise, research innovations and business insights essential to address enterprise-wide accessibility requirements facing businesses, educational institutions and government organizations.

With its tools and knowledge of industry-wide standards, the IBM team of accessibility engineers, instructional designers, consultants and IT specialists can:

Whether you are considering a small, individual project or a large, complex solution, IBM accessibility services can be tailored to help your organization.

Consulting engagements

Application and Web design - Offers full life-cycle, accessible Web application and portal design services.

Diagnostic assessment - Assesses a solution's existing level of compliance with applicable Web accessibility policies or other recognized standards.

Discovery workshop - Documents your organization's accessibility "as-is" state, future goals and organizational dependencies. Conducts a high-level gap analysis and provides recommendations in an executive presentation.

e-Learning design and delivery - Provides a comprehensive education/training strategy and plan, as well as course materials and custom learning content.

Governance and policy formation - Assists your organization in developing comprehensive business and high-level policies to help support your compliance with core or enterprise-specific accessibility regulations or standards.

ICT Checklists, techniques and testing procedures - Help jumpstart your organization's accessibility transformation by licensing our detailed internal resources. Our materials can be licensed as is or with customization services. Theses proven how-to instructions and testing procedures facilitate the guidance to business analysts, designers, developers, and quality assurance staff — so that your organization can support enterprise-wide compliance with applicable accessibility standards, laws and regulations.

IT development integration - Facilitates the production of specific technical development and testing policies to support enterprise-wide compliance with applicable accessibility laws, standards and regulations.

Marketing and communications planning - Provides a communication strategy, marketing plan and set of predefined media deliverables to communicate accessibility policies and procedures.

Strategy and roadmap planning - Provides a strategy and roadmap deliverable including prioritized recommendations, suggested schedules and a detailed plan for how to close gaps.

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