IBM AbilityLab Sametime Conference Transcriber

IBM AbilityLab Sametime Conference TranscriberIBM AbilityLab Sametime Conference Transcriber

Transcribe speech to text for conference call attendees and instant messaging partners who want visual input


Global collaboration

In this new world of global collaboration, you find yourself working with people around the world. You send them e-mails, dial in to conference calls and Web conferences, and use instant messaging services like IBM Lotus Sametime to send and receive communications. Now, you can even talk with a colleague using Sametime Voice Chat and VoIP.

Get your message across

Suppose you work with a colleague who is deaf or a co-worker who could benefit from seeing what you're saying (for example, someone trying to learn your language). Install the IBM AbilityLab™ Sametime Conference Transcriber (a Sametime plug-in), dial your associate using Sametime, and then just talk.

As you speak, your words are turned into text and automatically sent—you do not have to press Enter or click the Send button to transfer the text to your partners. With the Sametime Conference Transcriber, it is a simple matter of speaking to your computer to get your message across loud and clear.

More powerful in combination

Now, you can combine the IBM AbilityLab Sametime Conference Transcriber with the IBM AbilityLab Sametime Language Translator so that you can collaborate with your colleagues with sound, text and in various languages!

The IBM AbilityLab Sametime Language Translator uses recognition software in various languages to translate your Sametime text chat to a variety of different languages and display the results in the text window.

System requirements
Operating System Microsoft® Windows® 7 and Microsoft® Windows® XP
Speech recognition Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 and above, Microsoft Speech Recognition that comes with Windows 7 and Office 2003 (you can add your own speech recognition engine if you know how to program in Java®)
Prerequisites Lotus Sametime 7.5.1 Blue and systems running Lotus Notes® 7, Lotus Sametime 8 stand-alone, or Lotus Notes 8-embedded.

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