Accessible Workplace Connection

Accessible Workplace ConnectionAccessible Workplace Connection


In today's global workplace, enterprises leverage diversity to create a smart, productive, efficient workforce. Employees with disabilities can make unique and significant contributions if businesses enable competitive productivity with comprehensive and effective accommodations.

The Accessible Workplace Connection application is a single global accommodation process that helps ensure employees who have disabilities equal opportunity to advance and contribute. This one-stop resource for employees with disabilities and their managers enables accommodations to be delivered, changed, supported and maintained effectively and efficiently.


In addition, the Accessible Workplace Connection can help improve process efficiency, the quality of accommodations, and the ability to securely gather data and reports while maintaining privacy.

How it works

The Accessible Workplace Connection application, based on IBM WebSphere® technology, consists of a web-based administrative program, a database component and an employee portlet.

The Accessible Workplace Connection administrative program includes:

The Accessible Workplace Connection database components deliver key data and request management capabilities:

The Accessible Workplace Connection Employee Portlet provides alerts and notification summaries, along with convenient hyperlinks to create new requests or to active requests requiring attention.

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